WC Claims Coordinator Orientation Information

Key Responsibilities of a Claims Coordinator: 

  • A District Claims Coordinator acts as the liaison between certain District staff (as determined by District policy) and CCCSIG to ensure an immediate and direct line of communication for the administration of Workers’ Compensation benefits and associated claims cost containment activities.
  • Assists with district-wide communications for telephonic claims reporting through Company Nurse for new Supervisors (training and materials) and Employees (materials)
  • Assists with the reporting of new claims to Company Nurse in lieu of a supervisor or manager if necessary
  • Assists in providing payroll, personnel and general claims information to the CCCSIG Claims staff assigned to the claim
  • Receives and provides medical information to CCCSIG Claims staff, as available to them
  • Working in conjunction with CCCSIG Return to Work Specialist, is responsible for placing employees into Temporary Work Assignments (TWA) or Modified Duty after each medical visit
  • Assists CCCSIG in obtaining signatures/authorization of District HR Managers on required forms pertaining to permanent modified/alternate work assignments
  • Participates in the district claims review meetings and in many cases reports results to designated district staff
  • Ensures CCCSIG has current district information including contact and site data to pass on to Company Nurse
  • Receives/orders updated workers’ compensation materials (medical panels, pamphlets, posters, etc.) and distributes, as appropriate
  • Attends countywide Claims Coordinator meetings and training sessions at CCCSIG, usually once a year
  • Emails the Accident Investigation Form (included in the Company Nurse Report email) to the manager of the injured employee (see Accident Investigation Form Best Practices and Prevention Recommendations for Accident Investigation Form Emails to Managers).