Ergonomic Services

Ergonomic Evaluations (“Ergo Evals”)

The purpose of our “ergo eval”, which can be conducted for any occupation, is to properly adjust existing equipment to fit individual needs, recommend corrective equipment, if needed, and provide self-care information, such as the importance of taking regular activity or stretch breaks.  Best Practice: For new hires in Office/Clerical positions, schedule an ergo eval for them within their first 30 days on the job.

CCCSIG is offering remote ergo consultation, via email and phone, live chat and/or video conference.

How it Works: By the request of district contact or CCCSIG claims examiner, a CCCSIG H&S Services Specialist calls your employee and provides advice on working postures, self-care, and practical temporary set-up ideas only. Our primary priority is to help them use what they have available to improve their current set-up. We will not recommend new equipment or generate reports, but we can provide you a list of employees who have received this service, by request. We will follow up with the employee after the Shelter in Place is over to determine if an in-person, ergonomic evaluation is necessary.

Please contact Denise Schreiner at for more information or to schedule an ergo consultation.

Standard Ergonomic Services

Individual Ergo Eval
CCCSIG Ergonomist spends 30-60 min with the employee within their work area, makes adjustments and recommendations, if any, sends report to supervisor and/or designated district contacts and provides a follow up survey in 30 days to determine if additional ergonomic assistance is needed.

Group “Ergo Day”
CCCSIG Ergonomist(s) conduct a 15 min presentation for all participants on good ergonomic principles (i.e. correct height of monitor; proper body mechanics when lifting) and the importance of micro breaks; and, afterward, spend 10-15 min with each participant within their work areas.

Ergonomic Training
30-60 min training that focuses on providing education on ergonomic principles and good workplace habits.

Ergonomic Consultation for New Construction/Modernization
The best time to incorporate Safety into a new facility and/or modernization project is during the planning and design phases to minimize costly changes after-the-fact. CCCSIG is available to participate in the planning and design meetings, review district facility design and/or equipment standards and provide recommendations; and/or provide a Safety by Design Checklist for districts to use in planning and design meetings.

To schedule one or more services listed above, supervisors may contact CCCSIG (or their District Health and Safety Coordinator) at 1-866-922-2744, ext. 270.