Health Benefits Program (HBP)

Health Benefits Program History

All Health Benefits Program agendas with details and minutes are now posted on the CCCSIG Minutes & Agendas page.

September 2013

The Committee is researching a wellness program/activity with fruit basket rewards for participating sites using the Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente wellness funds.

The Committee approved the Kaiser Permanente renewal at 7.33% increase and the Anthem Blue Cross renewal at 8.74% increase for the HMO and EPO plans and 13% for the PPO plans.

Districts will be signing new Business Associate Agreements to conform to the changes in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Broker is working with member districts on documentation and tracking mechanisms for the Health Care Reform data requirements.

August 2013

As part of the CCCSIG Agreement for Insurance Brokerage Services , CCCSIG received overrides by Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente.  These funds are used for various health activities such as the flu vaccination clinics held every year during open enrollment.

Broker presented an overview of the 2012 Plan Year program, including renewals, rate history, wellness activities and carrier utilization.

Plan Year 2014 renewls were presented to the Committee with an overall increase for Anthem Blue Cross of 8.74% for HMO/EPO plans and 13% increase for PPO plans;  Kaiser Permanente an increase of 7.33%.  These rates include Health Care Reform costs.

June 2013

Further review of healthcare reform focused on Measurement Period Definitions, Workforce Definitions, Measurement Periods Overview, Data Requirements Overview.

Update on AB 2589 reports from Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente was presented to the Committee.

Update on recent Program interest inquires and one-on-one meetings with districts to evaluate plan design options for 2014.

April 2013

St. Helena USD submits initial “intent to withdrawal” letter for Plan Year 2014.

HBP timeline drafted for Broker RFP beginning March 2014 through October 2015 for Plan Year 2016.

Keenan reviews Health Care Reform Impact Study requirements and will meet with each district over the next few weeks to obtain needed information.

San Ramon Valley USD requests a quote for Plan Year 2014 with Anthem Blue Cross. John Swett USD expressed interest in reviewing opportunities with the JPA through Kaiser.

March 2013

Anthem Blue Cross premium and claims reports presented for Plan Year 2012. Kaiser Permanente medical loss ratio report for 12 – month period (October 2011 – September 2012). Jason Douglass (KP) presented the latest utilization report.

HBP Committee requested Executive Committee approve the renewal of the Broker Agreement at its March meeting.

Health Care Reform question/answer from February’s discussion – Keenan Health Care Reform Solutions (Financial Decision Tools, Compliance Analysis and Guidance, Workforce Analysis and Employee Tools) Impact Study; reviewed information needed from each member district for the study.

February 2013

Health Benefit Broker Agreement r enewal discussions for Plan Year 2014. Health Care Reform question/answer from January’s discussion – California Health Insurance Exchange ( “Covered California” ) basic plan designs and Cadillac Tax 2018 (excise tax on high-value health plans).

January 2013

After an overview of Health Care Reform in December, January begins in-depth review of the program beginning with Individual Mandates, Employer Shared Responsibility, ACA Full-Time Employees, government Subsidies, Tax Penalty Examples. Each month the Committee will cover Health Care Reform as the primary focus for 2013.

October/November 2012

Open Enrollment and Flu Vaccination clinics months;  flu vaccinations at no cost to Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente subscribers

September 2012

Plan designs for Year 2013 finalized

July 2012 

Review and discussion on the Common Plan Design option for Plan Year 2013 revealed that for most member districts, the rates would not achieve the cost savings anticipated, in part due to the differential in plan designs to the common plans e.g. co-pays and the 2013 renewal increase, which was higher in comparison to 2012. An informal vote resulted in a majority of no votes for the Common Plan.  Broker will present final rates for the current plan options at the September meeting. The Committee will continue its efforts in evaluating options for reducing healthcare costs.

May 2012

June 2012 Kaiser Wellness posters were mailed to member districts

Anthem Blue Cross providing list of available wellness webinars along with a quick link online wellness resource tool

Vote on moving to a Common Plan Design (effective January 1, 2013) will be held at the August 10, 2012 meeting

March 2012

Anthem Blue Cross representatives presented information on the Express Scripts pharmacy process and overall performance history including a proactive approach to replacing name-brand prescriptions to generic brands to reduce pharmacy costs.

January 2012

Results of Broker Satisfaction Survey completed by Committee members presented

December 2011

Kaiser Permanente representatives presented a Prevention and Lifestyle report to Committee members

Plan Year 2013 Common Plan Design PPT to be presented to employees shared and discussed with Committee

The Kaiser Permanente Thrive Across American walking program was completed with fruit baskets to be presented to winning groups in January or February

October 2011

Flu vaccinations at open enrollments with five districts participating

September 2011

Committee agreed to begin discussions (in early 2012) with District Employee Groups on a Common Plan Option for Plan Year 2013

August 2011

Program received overrides from Anthem Blue Cross in the amount of $5,812 to be used for wellness activities

July 2011

CCCSIG’s Health Benefits Progam renewals for member districts are in for 2012! There was no rate increase for Anthem Blue Cross HMO/EPO plans, a 13% increase for the PPO plan and a 1.7% increase for Kaiser!

June 2011

Kaiser Permanente agreed to allow the CCCSIG Health Benefits Program to use the remaining 2010 HealthWorks budget (scheduled to expire the end of 2010) towards the Thrive Across American walking program.

May 2011

Committee approves flu vaccinations during Open Enrollment October 2011; free to Anthem Blue Cross subscribers, at-cost for all others.

Committee approves proposed changes to the JPA Bylaws: specific deadlines for Initial Notification with intent to leave CCCSIG HBP; written notice of withdrawal and effective withdrawal date from program and effective date of January 1.

Committee continues to pursue cost-saving avenues for member districts.

March 2011

Kaiser representatives updated the Health Benefits Committee on the Kaiser Health Works services and fund utilization. Kaiser is determining whether the remaining fund balance can be used in 2011 on a walking program “Thrive Across America” which requires Kaiser Leadership’s approval.

January 2011

Ad hoc committee activities will now become part of the full Health Benefit Committee’s discussions as they look at optional plan design offerings and other groups’ programs for health benefit comparisons for 2012.

December 2010

Member districts select the Fruit Guy from Kaiser Permanente Health Works, which will deliver fruit baskets to the participating districts for six weeks. A Stress Management Course and Tai-Chi Classes are being offered at different district s in November and December; all employees may participate.

October 2010

Final Heatlhcare Reform for “ Grandfathering ” status as it relates to collective bargaining agreements has been defined and the 2011 plans/rates for participating members finalized for open enrollment and flu shot clinic sessions.

Health Benefits Committee forms ad hoc committee to review what direction the JPA would like to move toward with regard to plan design options in an effort to reduce healthcare costs for members.

September 2010

Kaiser Permanente Health Works participation and status of wellness funds provided, discussion around fall activities, i.e. Tai Chi/Yoga Classes, Online Stress Management Classes and the Fruit Guy program.

Healthcare Reform Updates around “ Grandfathering ” status being determined to finalize the 2011 benefit renewals as status affects plans/rates.

August 2010

Health Benefits Committee prepares for fall open enrollment and flu vaccination clinics at participating districts.

Representatives from Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente present the 2011 health benefits renewal while providing an overview of the Healthcare Reform Act impact on the plan renewals. The renewals were preliminary pending conversations with participating districts regarding Healthcare Reform issue of “grandfathered ” versus “ non-grandfathered ” status.

May 2010

Health Benefits Committee received the results of the recent broker evaluation survey they participated in, outlining areas of opportunity for the group to focus on for the new plan year.

Healthcare Reform Update was provided covering items that will impact plans effective January 1, 2011; Dependent coverage to age 26, pre-existing conditions exclusions will be prohibited for dependents under the age of 19, preventative services to be available at no additional cost to participants and Lifetime limits will be prohibited.

February 2010

Health Benefit Committee has a presentation on “How to Maximize Your Health Benefits Program” by John Glynn and Company.

Educational flyers for employees and work site postings from Kaiser on online access to “My Health Manager”, online Rx ordering and portable electronic medical records for participating members

January 2010

Kaiser Health Works Program is offered through the calendar year to employees enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente Plans, providing rewards for participating in the Health Life Program.

October 2009

October 2009 marks five year anniversary of the Health Benefits Program!

Castro Valley Unified School District joins the CCCSIG HBP Kaiser Program, effective October 1, 2009

Flu Shot Clinics and Biometric screenings offered during District open enrollment sessions.

May 2009

Kaiser Permanente has donated funds to the HBP to be used towards offerings of the Kaiser HealthWorks Wellness Program, which includes 24/7 NurseLine; total health assessment; weight management, smoking cessation, stress management, nutrition, chronic condition management programs and health education classes for member district Kaiser subscribers.

September 2008

The Kaiser Permanente renewal for January 1, 2009 came in at a rate of 0%!

Anthem Blue Cross rates for the January 2008/09 Plan Year is expected in the next few weeks, prior to Open Enrollment.

August 2008

Member Districts will be offering flu shots during Open Enrollment again this year.

July 2008

CCCSIG Health Benefits broker, Keenan & Associates’ Employee Benefits Portal, BenefitBridge delivers online administrative automation and on-demand information for employee benefits needs in a password protected, web-based environment. BenefitBridge integrates benefit enrollment, eligibility, employee communications and self-service tools to maximize the effectiveness of benefit plans and administrative resources in a user-friendly package. Two of our member districts, Brentwood and Oakley will be implementing the program this year; the balance of member districts will be on board Plan Year 2009.

June 2008

Monthly e-communication “Harmony for Health” launched – health and wellness information for all member district employees on CCCSIG’s Health Benefits Program webpage

January 1, 2008

Kaiser Permanente joins CCCSIG HBP pool lowering rates for member district Kaiser subscribers

HSA option for member districts’ January 2008 program

October 2007

Free flu shots for member district Blue Cross subscribers; at cost for non-subscribers

October 2006

Member District Flu Vaccination Events

February 22, 2006 and March 8, 2006
Member District Health & Wellness Fairs – Brentwood and Walnut Creek

Fairs include Blue Cross and CCCSIG health screenings, mini-cardio “funk” classes, health cooking demos, health educators, chair and reflexology massages, health club demos and more!!

February 2006
New Membership January 2007 Campaign Begins

November 2005 
Member District Open Enrollment Begins for Plan Year January 2006

Planning Begins for Member District Health & Wellness Fairs! 
Health Benefits Committee to use Blue Cross Fund Health & Wellness Fairs!

February – April 2005
Member District Health & Wellness Platforms

District-specific wellness surveys conducted, wellness platforms created and implementation process begins.

January 2005
Begin process for adding new members for January 2006

Census data collected from interested districts, submittal to Blue Cross for rate quotes.

January 2005
First Health Benefits Committee Meeting

Health Benefits Committee meetings with representatives appointed from each district in the Program begin.

January 1, 2005

Byron Union School District begins CCCSIG Health Benefits Program.

October 1, 2004
CCCSIG Health Benefits Program Begins

Brentwood Union School District, Lafayette School District, Moraga School district, Oakley Union Elementary School District, St Helena Unified School District and Walnut Creek School District begin CCCSIG Health Benefits Program.

Mid-April through July 2004
District Informational Meetings

CCCSIG and Broker Keenan & Associates conduct informational meetings on the CCCSIG Health Benefits Program for joining Districts.

March 18, 2004
Executive Committee
Adopts Health Benefits Subcommittee recommendations to move forward with the next steps in the CCCSIG Health Benefits Program process.

July 10, 2003
Discusses options for CCCSIG to provide health benefits to members and establishes goals and objectives for the committee.

March 20, 2003
CCCSIG Executive Committee
Authorizes the establishment of an Ad Hoc Subcommittee to provide recommendations for coverage and concurs that the Group should look toward implementation next year.

October 17, 2002
County-Wide Superintendents Meeting
CCCSIG is asked to pursue the option of providing additional insurance coverage for our member districts, with Heath Benefits being a priority.